Tips of the trade

Tips of the trade

Tips of the trade



  • Why buy seasoned? Dry wood burns longer, cleaner and produces more heat.  Unseasoned wood can create potentially dangerous creosote build up in your chimney.
  • Proper Storage: You want to stack your firewood about 4 inches off of the ground. Wood on the ground level will gather insects and rot more quickly. You will want to keep it covered from rain and snow as well. A wood rack is an excellent way to remedy this issue.
  • Keep wood away from the house. Stacking wood next to your home can attract wood-loving insects such as termites who may start nibbling at your house!  
  • Try not to store seasoned (dry) wood for over a year.  Although the dried wood may last longer than a year,  at some point it will start to rot and collect insects. Be sure to use your oldest wood first!
  • Chim-chim-eny... Clean your flue yearly!
  • Don't forget to clean your ash trap, preferably (for your benefit) before freezing temperatures set it.
  • When building your fire, keep lots of kindling on hand.
  • You will fare better by shredding newspaper from the crease outwards, rather than crumpling when starting a fire.


Tips of the trade

Tips of the trade


Q. Do I need to be home during the delivery? How do I pay?

A.  No, checks can be made payable to MetroWest Firewood and left taped to the door. This is a common arrangement for your convenience. Simply describe to us where the wood will be going and we will take care of everything without interrupting your day!

Q. How will you know where we want the wood dumped, if we're not home?

A. You can mark a spot with a trash barrel, cone, lawn chair, etc.

Q.  What is the average length of your wood?

A.  Our firewood is cut 16"-18" and extra split into manageable pieces for your convenience.

Q. What kind of wood is used?

A. We only use premium, quality Northern hardwoods cut from healthy, green standing trees; primarily Oak, Maple, Ash, Hickory, Beech and Birch.

Q. How long do you season your wood?

A.  Our wood is seasoned in our yard for at least a year before it's loaded for deliveries. 

Q. Why is wood sold by cubic feet?

A. A cord of wood is measured before the wood is cut and split. Cubic feet is the most accurate way to purchase firewood.

Q. How long do I have to wait for a delivery?

A. Next day delivery is typical. When demand is high you may have to wait a few days to a week.

Q. When is the best time to order firewood?

A. The best time to order firewood is in June, July & August to beat the rush for the best prices and availability.

Q. Do you remove fallen limbs from trees due to storm damage, etc?

A. Due to the labor and fuel expenses, we remove waste debris for a fee.  We dispose of waste debris and never use it for fire wood.

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